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Running… that was all that the femme would remember after her optic began to burn and hurt.  She knew that Monocle had attacked her, but how she got away… that was a mystery to her.  She raced blindly down alley ways as she tried to put enough distance between her and that Primus forsaken hell she was forced to live.

Turning down another alley, she didn't realize that a lid to the sewer system was off its opening.  Falling down into the darkness, the little femme landed on her right shoulder and part of her head, rendering her temporarily unconscious. "Alright," spoke a construction mech.  "Let's cover this sewer up before someone falls in."

"Wouldn't it be scary if you fell down there and no one knew?" asked another mech as he helped put the cover on.

"I think the scariest part would be if you went missing," spoke the first.  "I mean, haven't you heard that there are 15 construction bots that are missing down there now?"

"I have heard about it," stated the second mech.  "Some are saying that some of the feral Insecticons that almost destroyed Cybertron escaped before they could be destroyed and fled into the sewer system."

"I don't know about that," said the first.  "But if that is the truth, and that's what is causing the disappearances, I honestly don't want to find out."  Both mechs agreed and made sure the cover was on tight before leaving.  Little did they know, they had locked a sparkling down in the sewers.


Ten or so minutes passed before the femme started to come around.  Her optics slowly began to adjust to the foreboding abyss that surrounded her, but as the adrenaline began to wear off, she whole body began to ache mercilessly.  She tried to cry out in pain, but because of all the screaming she had done during Monocle's daily beatings, her vocal processor was heavily damaged.  Her throat even stung ruthlessly as she tried to make a sound.

Giving up trying to make any noise, she struggled to push herself up to her feet that were stricken with unimaginable pain, as she tried to figure out where she was.  Sadly… she had no clue as to even where she had landed.  She had never been outside the apartment, and was forbidden to even look outside under Monocle's rules.  Unsure as to where she could go, she simply sighed and turned down one of the many tunnels.  Making her way through the maze set before her, the only companion she had was her grumbling stomach that sounded more angry than comforting to her.


Springer and his team just landed from their short mission.  "It's going to be great having a full week off," sighed Blurr happily.

"I hope you remember that those days will be for taking care of the sparkling Blurr," stated Kup.  "Once we get back, we need to take 'him' to see Ratchet right away."

"I've already called him and let him know that we just need to pick the sparkling up," said Springer.  "I just hope that she was able to sleep while we were gone."

"Hey Springer," spoke Perceptor.  "I'm going to stay at the ship and check on some 'things'."  Springer knew what he meant and allowed him to stay.  Making their way back to the apartment, each hoped that the little femme had some energon while they were gone.  As they entered, they found the back door open, and Monocle nursing a wound.

"What the slag happened to you?" questioned Kup.

"The little femme… she bit me," stated Monocle.  "I was just about to take out the garbage when I decided to try and get her to eat.  When she came out of her cage, I handed her one of the cubes, she took it, and then I started petting her back.  The second I touched her, she went crazy and bit me.  I admit I lost my temper and slapped her across the face, but after that, she ran out the door.  Sadly, I was unable to catch her.  I don't know where she could be right now."

Springer's spark about stopped once he heard Monocle's explanation as to what happened, but it quickly turned to rage.  "You mean to tell me, that after I specifically told you to leave her alone, you disobeyed a direct order?"

"I was trying to get her to eat," lied Monocle, trying to keep suspicion from himself.

"But you didn't leave her alone!" yelled Springer, trying to keep himself from tearing apart Monocle.  "I told you 'specifically' to leave her alone so she could rest!!"  Monocle quickly fell silent, fearing that if he continued to speak, his cover would be blown.

"My deepest apologies sir," spoke Monocle as he bowed deeply to Springer.

"You had better hope that she is okay," spoke Springer through gritted teeth.  "Because if she is harmed in anyway shape or form, I will personally rip your spark out."  Monocle pretended to be terrified and nodded quickly.  Springer then turned to his team.  "Spread out you guys.  We need to find her before someone else does."  No one bothered to nod as they ran out the door to try and locate her.

As everyone disappeared into the streets of Cybertron, Monocle casually dusted himself off and opened a com-link to his boss.  "I trust that the femme is offline," spoke Monocle's boss.

"I hate to report this, but the little brat got away before I could," reported Monocle.  "I had forgotten how soon sparkling's teeth begin to come in."

"If that's the case, then what are you going to do?" asked the Mech.  "I asked for that abomination dead!"

"Do not worry sir," said Monocle.  "I never take on a job without a few back up plans.  Granted… it will take something on your part, but it will get you the results you've requested."

"What do you need from me?" asked the mech.

"Do you remember the 15 mechs that have gone missing in the sewer system?" asked Monocle.

"That's all the media has been reporting recently," grumbled the mech.  "Why bring it up?"

"I was able to follow the brat until she fell down into the sewer," explained Monocle.  "If you can coax Optimus into having Springer and his team go down there for a recon mission, I'm quite certain they will find her."  The mech stopped for a moment and thought about it.

"What makes you believe that she will be found down there?" he asked.

"By my calculations, she isn't far from where the mechs have been reported missing," confirmed Monocle.  "There is no doubt she will be found.  The sooner you put in for Springer doing the recon mission, the sooner she can be found."

"What are you going to do once she is found, and if she is still alive?" questioned the mech.

"Once she is in medical, I will take her," started Monocle.  "There are some molten slag pits that are under the science labs, which as you know are not far from medical.  I will take her there and drop her in.  No witnesses."  The mech smirked happily.

"I love the way you think," he stated happily.

"But, I will request that our deal still remain valid," stated Monocle.  "Granted, this is a minor setback, but it can easily be remedied."

"Everything will be ready once confirmation is received with regards to the femme's death," assured the mech.  "Just don't fail me again."

"I won't," stated Monocle as his optics glowed a blood red.  "I will make sure of that."  Once the com-link was turned off, he disappeared into the shadows, waiting to hear word on the femme.


"Hey kid!!!" called Springer and his team.  "Come on out from hiding!  No one is going to hurt you!!!"  Their calls echoed through the silent air on Cybertron, but with each, came the reply of dead silence.

"Where do you think she ran off to?" asked Blurr as he finished making his rounds.  "She's too small and too young to have really gone far."

"Recheck everywhere within a 100 mile radius of the apartment," said Springer.  "Leave nothing un-"  His comm. suddenly went off.  "Who would be calling me?  … Hello?"

"Springer, this is Ultra Magnus," he stated.  "I have been asked by an anonymous worker who has requested a recon team to find out where the 15 sewer workers have disappeared to."

"Sir… I really don't have time right now," said Springer.  "I'm in the middle of something very urgent."

"What would that be?" Magnus asked.

"It's a long story, but here is the short version," began Springer.  "A mech was sent to me at the beginning of the month saying he was sent by the council.  Well, he's been taking care of her, but just today… she's ran away.  My team and I are looking everywhere for her."

"Are you kidding me?" questioned Magnus.  "Who was this mech?"

"I think that should be the least of your worries sir," said Springer.  "Look, I'm going to have to go.  I need to find her before someone or something hurts her or worse."

"Hold on Springer," spoke Magnus.  "If you take this recon, I'll get every bit of equipment out there to find her.  I have a lot more at my disposal to find her than you do at this point.  I'll even get the best mechs on the job for you."

"Sir… you don't have to," said Springer.  "I don't even know where to tell them to start looking."

"Leave that to me," said Magnus.  "I'll personally get Hound on this.  He's the best tracker that we have on Cybertron."  Hearing that Hound would be put on the search, helped ease Springer a little bit.

"Okay, I'll take the recon mission," said Springer.  "But, I want to be kept up to date on everything."

"I will make sure that happens," said Magnus.

"Thank you," said Springer and called back his tea with the change in plans.


The little femme had now wandered the sewers for hours on end.  Her feet ached endlessly with each step she took, her optics wanted to close for a little sleep, and her stomach snarled for food that it would never have.  Coming to a stop, she began to wonder why she didn't allow Monocle to end her life.  Death was a very welcoming thought to her before, but still wondered why she fought back.  Sighing to herself, she knew that no answer could explain it.  Starting her long trek to nowhere, she came across a very strange room.

The walls were covered in some strange stringy, sticky white stuff that she had never seen.  Watching where she stepped and where her hands went, she began to investigate.  Going deeper into the room, she saw some strange looking pillows.  Some were hanging really high, while others were right at her optic level.  As curiosity got the better of her, she limped up to the closest one and began to tear away the white stuff.  As she was, she kept hearing something creeping closer to her.  Every time she turned around though, she saw nothing.

She had only spent a few minutes tearing at the white stuff when something began to really scare her.  Whatever was creeping up on her… it didn't sound right as it began to lightly hiss at her.  Just wanting to know what was inside the sticky stuff, she finally grabbed a large chunk of it and ripped it off.  But as she looked… she froze in terror.  It was the face of an Autobot with its mouth agape, as if silently screaming for help.

Her optics went wide as she began to wonder what was going on and quickly backed away.  She then bumped into something, but had no time to turn around and see what it was as a sharp pain surged through her body from her right shoulder.  Her whole body began to grow numb, everything began to grow dark, but fear still pulsated through her as she felt herself drop.  She could feel herself being spun around as she was being wrapped up in the string.  Before long, she fell unconscious, unknowing what her fate would be anymore.
Chapter 10.


Copyrights are acknoledged to their rightful owners. In other words, the only thing that belongs to me, are the characters that I made up.

Have a nice day.

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Chapter 10: You're looking at it.
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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Your writing is very very very impressive.
I am saying this from the heart. There are few very good writers on this website ( no offense to other writers. ^^; ), and you are one of the good ones. I want you to keep up this good story. Every time I read one of these chapters, it makes me more curious as to what will happen in the next one. I believe you could even get better. Where at right now? I don't know. But there is always room for improvement. Although with your writing, I may be difficult to find a place. You're so good at it. C: Keep it up Mira.
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HairyGoggles Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
My mild arachnophobia is tingling...:paranoid: Very nicely written btw. ^^
Mira518 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, and thank you. I'll try and get chapter 11 finished so I can type it up and post it on here for everyone.
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excellent hun! *w*
you did an amazing write as always! full of emotions!
love it!
i will wait for the ch 11 am sure it will be just awesome as the others x3
Mira518 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. Chapter 11 is still in the works so... it maybe a week or so until I can finish it and get it up.
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Nice job! *thumbs up*
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He isn't...he used to have claustrophobia, but he got over it.
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That's not good. Well, knowing Gale, she will be having issues with spiders for a long time.
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No doubt. Poor girl. She should use "Animal Farm by George Orwell"...very good at crushing bugs. XD
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Naw. Grey's Anatomy, now there is a perfect book to squish anything. And it makes a great paper weight too.

spikearoony Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

BT: O.O *grabs Animal Farm, looks at it, then tosses it and replaces it with Grey's Anatomy. beats the crap out of the bug, squishing it too a pulp. cleans up the spider guts and tosses the trash away* There. All gone. ^^
Mira518 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Gale: *sees the spider go* Bye-bye spider. *looks around* Where's Rover?

(Do you want to RP with Zero? I know he's the same person, but still, I like Rover.)
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